The Complete Guide to Freebirth

A self guided online intensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to birth freely and in your power.

How would it feel to know in the deepest core of your being, that you have the power to give birth to your baby blissfully at home?

What if you felt so knowledgeable and secure about your birth, that the success of your freebirth or homebirth seemed inevitable? 

Imagine understanding the science and physiology of birth so well that you felt safe knowing when a complication might warrant further action or medical attention? 

Even better, how would you feel if you had the ability to avoid or prevent complications before they even occur? 

Our guess is that this kind of confidence leading up to your homebirth or freebirth would be transformational. 

Does the slightest negative comment from a friend could fill you with doubt, fear, and insecurity? 

Imagine the freedom of possessing the language and the knowledge to articulate WHY your birth choices are the best for you—as well as having the self-assurance to ignore the naysayers, secure in the knowledge that you're making the right decisions for you and your baby?

Suddenly, the friends and family who keep telling you your choices and desires are dangerous wouldn’t have the same influence—their opinions won’t even bother you anymore.

You and your baby deserve this kind of freedom and peace. 

But while you might have read all the popular homebirth books, and you may follow all the natural birth accounts on instagram, without a comprehensive foundation of understanding birth physiology for what it is, and why freebirth specifically can support the physiology of birth (not to mention having a blueprint for how to get there), the path can be a tricky one. 

Especially when doctors and even some midwives say that giving birth outside of the hospital system is dangerous, it’s hard not to have major doubts. 

Obviously, you want what’s best for your baby. 

But you have a feeling that the hospital might not actually be the safest place for you to give birth.

But is giving birth at home a choice you can really feel comfortable with?

You’re hungry not only for information, but for specific strategies on how to manage fear, what to really expect, and how to create an actionable plan.

And like so many women, you might be wondering how to get your partner on-board with your deep desire to have a beautiful, peaceful homebirth.

What makes it different?

Making the decision to give birth outside of a medical context, or even just harnessing your authority when navigating the myriad birth choices out there can be intimidating and confusing.  

Written by experienced birth coach and consultant Yolande Norris-Clark with Emilee Saldaya, the founder of the Free Birth Society, The Complete Guide to Freebirth is the most comprehensive course available online on freebirth and homebirth preparation.  

The course takes you from conception to postpartum, giving you an incredibly detailed grounding in how birth works, and answering the questions and concerns most mothers have when it comes to taking birth into our own hands. 

The course also includes powerful tools and techniques for dismantling our perceptual barriers and fears, so that we can truly make smart, clear decisions, rather than reacting out of fear—which applies to every area of life, not only birth! (Hint: parenting!)

What can The Complete Guide to Freebirth do for you?

"I did it, just my husband and I. It was amazing and hard and wonderful! Thank you for being the great source of support and inspiration. They say you find what you are looking for and I’m so grateful that I found your course. Your wisdom and the path you choose to share has been a light for me more than you know. "~Jenny Sgroi

Like Jenny, The Complete Guide to Freebirth will leave you feeling undaunted, courageous and *excited* to give birth. You’ll have a solid plan of action, you’ll have chosen the perfect team for you, and you will go into your birth process feeling clear and trusting your body’s ability to bring your baby safely into the world.

Who is the program for?

Whether you’re new to freebirth entirely, or taking the leap into freebirth after having midwife-assisted births, or even if you’re planning an assisted birth, but are looking for the information that will allow you to make the most authentic, holistic choices for you, The Complete Guide to Freebirth will help you:

  • Clarify your true needs and desires
  • Assess your own level of risk
  • Develop the tools to eradicate fear
  • Hone your Intuition
  • Define the kind of prenatal care you need
  • Create strong boundaries with peace and authority
  • Gather the optimal support team
  • Communicate your birth choices effectively and lovingly to your partner and ensure their support!
  • Navigate the health care system
  • Source all the practical supplies necessary
  • Confidently answer the question "What if Something Goes Wrong"
  • Manage complications
  • And much much more...

This course is geared toward women who are planning or curious about Freebirth. It's also for anyone who loves birth and wants to know as much as possible about how childbirth works, and how best to preserve the inherent safety of birth.


Wait...what is Freebirth?

Freebirth is birthing independently outside the medicalized default system. Freebirth means having your baby at home without paying a provider to manage your care. Freebirth is choosing to take full responsibility for your own care and birth experience, acting on your own authority, and birthing on your terms, wild and free.

I’m not pregnant (yet!). How long do I have access to this course if I buy now?

Once you purchase this course, you get lifetime access to it! Including all updates we may make throughout the life of this course. Lifetime Access is completely contingent upon the internet surviving, thinkific staying alive, and an absence of nuclear meltdown.

I am a birth worker - does it make sense for me to take this?

We certainly think so! Yolande & Emilee both being birth attendants has informed much of the material in this course. We are quite confident that absorbing this course into your birth work will only deepen your understanding of how to support a woman to birth in her own power and in her own self authority.

Can my partner do the course with me?

Absolutely! While the course is directed to the birthing woman, it can easily be done together with a partner or any support person. We encourage partners and support people to engage with this program as much as you, the birthing woman, desires!

I’m actually due soon, will I have time to complete the course?

Luckily this course is specifically self guided so that you can complete it on your own timeline. Meaning, you will receive the entire course in your inbox and you just work the material at whatever pace makes sense for you.

I’m planning a hospital birth. Will the material be relevant to me?

Three things will happen when you take this course: 

One - you will be completely prepared for an unexpected home birth, which *do* happen!

Two - you will gain heaps of knowledge around how to navigate the medical system and how to better achieve autonomy and self authority in all settings.

Three - With a deeply comprehensive understanding of what normal physiological birth looks like and how to allow it to unfold optimally, this will only increase your chances of a positive birth experience, no matter where you choose to be.

Is this kind of like an alternative childbirth education program?

That’s a great way to think of it! There’s nothing else like this out there. This kind of information is a complete paradigm shift into seeing birth as healthy, normal, and most importantly, placing the birthing woman at the top, in charge of her own decision making. We at Free Birth Society wholeheartedly trust women to be perfectly capable of making their own decisions for themselves and their babies. We know that no one cares more about the baby than the mother herself. This course is a rewilding educational program to teach birth as an ecstatic physiological experience. This course will provide everything you need to know to birth in your power.

The truth is….

Understanding what Freebirth is, is different from truly knowing how to prepare your mind, body and spirit for the journey, and having the confidence to make it happen. 

Praise For The Course

"I'm currently 22 weeks and am loving the course. Even the introductions made me cry - to finally feel like I've found the right community of women to guide me and support me in such an amazing experience. My last 3 babies were medicalized births in a hospital and it was so hard for me afterwards. I knew after my third that something was completely wrong with putting my faith in the system rather than listening to my own intuition. My last birth was almost 6 years ago and it took me all of these years to grow and listen to myself. ~ Tiffany Palomino

"Emilee and Yolande, and the Free Birth Society has had such a positive impact on me personally but also professionally as a doula. They have given words to so many feeling that I was unable to express or fearful to express. Women have too often had our autonomy and the control over our own bodies taken away from us. Through FBS, I have recognized that the only true way to take back our humanity, to be a true autonomous person is to reclaim the responsibility for ourselves, our bodies, our births, and our children. I am not empowered by them, because they do not hold my power to give back to me. I have, with their unbelievable writing, reclaimed my power for myself and am now the only one that is able to make decisions for my life. I will always be grateful and look forward to see what the future holds for FBS. Thank you, Emilee and Yolande." ~Shannon Coffey

About The Instructors

Emilee Saldaya

Emilee Saldaya is the trail blazing leader and founder of Free Birth Society. She was a doula for over ten years, until the reality of her complicity with the obstetric system and the harms that it does to women and babies prompted her to find a better way. In aligning with freebirth, Emilee's dharmic path became clear. She quickly evolved into a "Radical Birth Keeper" who serves women birthing outside the system.

She founded Free Birth Society prior to the conscious conception of her first child, and went on to give birth to her daughter freely, on Maui, Hawaii.

Emilee’s acclaimed podcast (“The Free Birth Society Podcast”) quickly became a fan favorite and has reached millions of people.

Emilee is an inspiring and inspired coach, with the ability to immediately hone in on the self-sabotage and mental blocks that keep women stuck in unproductive patterns. Her approach is warm, kind, ferocious, and transformational, giving her clients the spacious witnessing that allows them to step into their power. 

Emilee lives in Colorado, and frequently travels internationally as a speaker, coach, and leader.

Yolande Norris-Clark

My mission in life is to share and celebrate the truth about birth: contrary to what we have been led to believe through cultural messaging and medical fear, we are made to give birth and to be born. Not only that, but birth is biologically designed to be the most profound experience of ecstasy, love, power and beauty in our human experience, and that it is in the unnecessary interference with this physiological design that we distort the outcome of birth and endanger women and babies.  

The result of the sabotage of birth has reverberations that run through every area of our collective culture and psyche.

My own first pregnancy and subsequent home birth almost 18 years ago, was an initiation into what felt like a secret society of women who know these deep but hidden truths.

I came to recognize that I had a sacred undertaking to open this secret, and to share the power of birth as the portal to one of the most profound experiences of awakening and connection available to human beings, and also that birth itself is the foundation for global peace.  Peaceful babies, happy mothers, connected parenting, and even healthy relationships and marriages—all of this is intricately connected to the birth process.  

Women who are awakened and birthing their babies in power will change the world. 

I eventually went on to give birth to 7 babies, and for my last 5 children, I chose free pregnancy, and freebirth--caring for my body holistically, and birthing at home with only my family and/or non-medically trained friends present for emotional support. 

My work as a wild birth educator has led me to support thousands of other women who have chosen a similar path--first as a full-spectrum birth attendant witnessing births throughout my community, and now as a birth coach and consultant, working with women and families all over the world, writer, and podcaster.

What's included?

103 Videos
228 PDFs
1 Audio

Module 1: What is Freebirth

  • Why Birth Matters
  • Free birth, Doctors & Midwives
  • Birth as a Rite of Passage
  • The Definition of Freebirth
  • Is Freebirth for you?
  • Power, Permission & Personal Responsibility
  • Birth & Death

Module 2: Who Owns Birth?

  • Safety, Statistic & Risk
  • The Medical Paradigm
  • Legal Considerations
  • More Legal Considerations
  • Men, Freebirth & How to Convince Your Nervous Partner
  • Your Freebirth Plan
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Navigating the Social Arena

Module 3: Unpacking Prenatal Care

  • The Pregnancy Test
  • What is Prenatal Care?
  • The Nocebo Effect
  • Pap Smears & Pelvic Exams
  • Blood Testing & Urinalysis
  • Fundal Height Measurements
  • Fat & Weight
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Due Dates
  • Palpitation
  • Heart Tones
  • Ultrasound
  • GBS

Module 4: Wild Pregnancy

  • Unconscious Conception
  • Conscious Conception
  • Processing Prior Births
  • The First Trimester
  • Prenatal Nutrition
  • Herbs & Supplements
  • Avoiding Toxins
  • Movement Matters
  • Relationship
  • Mother Nature
  • The Second Trimester
  • Exercising Your Intuition
  • Connecting with Your Baby
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • The Third Trimester

Module 5: Variations of Normal

  • Too Old, Too Young, Too Big, Too Small
  • The RH Factor, Anaemia & Blood Distinctions
  • VBAC
  • Twins
  • Breech
  • Smoking & Drug Use
  • Unique Uteri
  • Positioning
  • Preterm Birth
  • Long Pregnancies

Module 6: Approaching Birth

  • Creating the Ideal Conditions for Freebirth
  • Choosing your Birth Witnesses
  • Older Children at a Birth
  • Fear
  • Affirmations & Visualizations
  • Birth Affirmations Track
  • Expectations, Pain & Mental Fortitude
  • Mother Blessing
  • Birth Supplies
  • Water Birth
  • “Natural” Induction
  • “Prodromal Labor” & “Braxton Hicks”
  • Protecting Your Yoni

Module 7: The Birth Dance

  • The Hormonal Blueprint of Birth
  • The Beginning
  • Dilation
  • Transition
  • Emergence
  • Meeting Your Newborn (The Golden Halo)
  • Birthing Your Placenta

Module 8: The Unexpected

  • Birth Complications
  • Emergencies
  • Meconium
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Newborn Breathing Issues
  • Developmental Differences

Module 9: After Birth

  • Your Baby’s Cord & Placenta
  • Your Healthy Newborn
  • Your Postpartum Body
  • Postpartum Emotions & Care
  • Postnatal Testing & Newborn Assessment
  • Breastfeeding
  • Documentation & Birth Certificates

Module 10: Wild Mothering

  • Minimalist Motherhood
  • Co-Sleeping
  • Father/Partner Support
  • Elimination & Diapering
  • Connected & Authoritative Mothering for Happy Babies
  • Village Prenatals
  • Wrap Up & What’s Next!