The Complete Guide to Freebirth

A self guided online intensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to birth freely and in your power.

If you're drawn to freebirth, homebirth, natural birth, and are looking for the optimal path to the most empowered birth possible, this course is for you.

What Can the Complete Guide to Freebirth do for you?

Making the decision to give birth outside of a medical context, or even just harnessing your authority when navigating the myriad of birth choices out there can be intimidating and confusing.  The Complete Guide to Freebirth takes you from conception to postpartum, answering the questions, concerns, fears and barriers most women have when contemplating taking birth into your own hands.

Who is the Program For?

Whether you’re new to freebirth entirely, or taking the leap into freebirth after midwife-assisted births, or even if you’re planning an assisted birth, but are looking for the information that will allow you to make the most authentic, holistic choices for you, The Complete Guide to Freebirth will help you:

Clarify your true needs and desires
Assess your own level of risk
Develop the tools to eradicate fear
Hone your Intuition
Define the kind of prenatal care you need
Create strong boundaries with peace and authority
Gather the optimal support team
Communicate your birth choices effectively and lovingly to your partner and ensure their support!
Navigate the health care system
Source all the practical supplies necessary
Confidently answer the question "What if Something Goes Wrong"
Manage complications

And much much more.

This course is geared toward women who are planning or curious about Freebirth. It's also for anyone who loves birth and wants to know as much as possible about how childbirth works, and how best to preserve the inherent safety of birth.


Wait...what is Freebirth?

Freebirth is birthing independently outside the medicalized default system. Freebirth means having your baby at home without paying a provider to manage your care. Freebirth is choosing to take full responsibility for your own care and birth experience, acting on your own authority, and birthing on your terms, wild and free.

I’m not pregnant (yet!). How long do I have access to this course if I buy now?

Once you purchase this course, you get lifetime access to it! Including all updates we may make throughout the life of this course. Lifetime Access is completely contingent upon the internet surviving, thinkific staying alive, and an absence of nuclear meltdown.

I am a birth worker - does it make sense for me to take this?

We certainly think so! Yolande & Emilee both being birth attendants has informed much of the material in this course. We are quite confident that absorbing this course into your birth work will only deepen your understanding of how to support a woman to birth in her own power and in her own self authority.

Can my partner do the course with me?

Absolutely! While the course is directed to the birthing woman, it can easily be done together with a partner or any support person. We encourage partners and support people to engage with this program as much as you, the birthing woman, desires!

I’m actually due soon, will I have time to complete the course?

Luckily this course is specifically self guided so that you can complete it on your own timeline. Meaning, you will receive the entire course in your inbox and you just work the material at whatever pace makes sense for you.

I’m planning a hospital birth. Will the material be relevant to me?

Three things will happen when you take this course.

One - you will be completely prepared for an unexpected home birth, which *do* happen!

Two - you will gain heaps of knowledge around how to navigate the medical system and how to better achieve autonomy and self authority in all settings.

Three - With a deeply comprehensive understanding of what normal physiological birth looks like and how to allow it to unfold optimally, this will only increase your chances of a positive birth experience, no matter where you choose to be.

Is this kind of like an alternative childbirth education program?

That’s a great way to think of it! There’s nothing else like this out there. This kind of information is a complete paradigm shift into seeing birth as healthy, normal, and most importantly, placing the birthing woman at the top, in charge of her own decision making. We at Free Birth Society wholeheartedly trust women to be perfectly capable of making their own decisions for themselves and their babies. We know that no one cares more about the baby than the mother herself. This course is a rewilding educational program to teach birth as an ecstatic physiological experience. This course will provide everything you need to know to birth in your power.